Safety & Crash Testing

One of our favorite topics of conversation when it comes to our wheelchair vans and mobility vehicles is safety; and not just how safe they are, but what we did to prove their safety. That's where crash testing comes in. Every time we develop a new design, we build it just as if we were building a wheelchair van for a customer. The vehicle is then put through a series of comprehensive crash tests including a 30 mph frontal impact, a 50 mph rear impact, and a 33.5 mph side impact. Each of those test is followed by a 360 degree rollover. Then a team of technicians and analysts take pictures and measurements of almost every part and piece on the van and then send us a report. To this date we have never had to crash a new design twice.

In every test, our vehicles have met or exceeded all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards(CMVSS) standards.

If you would like to read our crash test certification letters, just click the links below:

Toyota Crash Test Letter

 Dodge Crash Test Letter 

On this page you will find pictures of crashed vehicles so you can see just how well our vehicles keep our customers safe in the event of an accident.

This is the result of a 50 mph rear-end impact. Look at how little the rear structure of the vehicle moved!

And here is a side view of the vehicle after front and rear crash tests. Notice how the cabin of the vehicle is still almost 100% intact.

And here is the under-body of the same vehicle after front and rear impacts. Notice how the lowered floor is still structurally sound with very little movement in the rear.