Power Electric Ramp

AutoAbility has raised the bar yet again with the Power-fold rear entry wheelchair ramp. Unlike automated rear entry ramps of the past, the Power-fold ramp is operated entirely by an electric motor that is quiet, reliable, and operates smoothly. The electric motor is clutch driven, which allows the ramp to be operated both by the motor and under manual power in the event of a power loss or accident.

The Power-fold system is also the most technologically advanced rear entry ramp on the market; incorporating obstacle detection and seamless integration with the vehicle's OEM controls. By integrating the OEM obstacle detection, AutoAbility was able to create the safest automated rear entry ramp ever produced.  Just the slightest resistance will reverse the ramp cycle in the event that an obstacle is detected. The Power-fold system is also controlled by the vehicle's existing buttons and key fob. You will never have to worry about carrying an extra key fob. 

The Power-fold system was designed to operate smoothly in real-life driving situations. The ramp flap deploys fully six inches above level ground to make sure the ramp is fully deployed regardless of your parking situation. The ramp also has the ability to travel six inches below level ground to make sure you are always able to deploy the ramp smoothly. Simply put, the Power-fold system was designed with everyday use in mind.

The Power-fold system has also undergone rigorous cycle-testing to ensure that your AutoAbility wheelchair van will provide you with many years of comfortable and reliable use.