Columbus Mobility Specialists

Columbus Mobility Specialists (CMS) helps physically challenged individuals and their care-givers overcome mobility challenges by installing and maintaining independent living aids.

Manufacturer certified Columbus Mobility Specialists can take care of your home needs with a stairway lift.  Custom installation of either a straight or curved stairway lift can give you back the independent living you are used to.

Chrysler Wheelchair Accessible Lowerd Floor Minivan by Vantage (VMI)For vehicles, we offer a wide variety of mobility equipment solutions, including new and used lowered floor vans and mini-vans. 


Does your care-giver need help getting your wheelchair or scooter into or out of your vehicle?  Perhaps a transfer seat and an electric wheelchair or scooter lift?  These assistive products make life easier. 


Wheelchair Accessible Full Sized Lowered Floor Van by Vantage (VMI)Are you in a wheelchair, but need to be able to drive?  By choosing from electronic wheelchair tie downs, lowered floor mini-van modifications, electronic gas and brake controls, and adaptive driving hand controls (left hand controls or right hand controls), Columbus Mobility Specialists can find a mobility product combination to safely give you the freedom and control you want.

Of course, having a modified vehicle doesn't help if it isn't running, so Columbus Mobility Specialists offers regular auto maintenance and repair service to keep you on the road.  Whether it's engine related, electrical, or mechanical, we'll get you back on the road.  If it's not running, we can even arrange towing service.