Autotronics' Mobility Division was started in 2001 and has grown into a thriving and rewarding portion of our business.  We started with one customer at a time and learned from them.  We do not focus on our clients disabilities but rather on their abilities and have worked to modify their vehicles to suit their needs whenever possible.

In cases where a new or a different vehicle is necessary, we do our best to provide our customers with quality vehicles to fit their budgets and needs, without any sales pressure.  We try to provide options whenever possible so customers can choose equipment or vehicles best for them and their families.  The more educated you feel you are, the easier the decision will be once the pros and cons of each product is reviewed.

Quality products, great customer service and a caring service crew is what you will receive at Autotronics.  Feel free to browse our photo gallery and view our customer testimonials

"Striving to be your best resource of Freedom and Mobility" is Autotronics' goal.  If individual attention is what you are looking for, call our Mobility Division today!

Madawaska, Maine
(Corporate Headquarters/Service Center)

Telephone:  (207) 543-6262
FAX:  (207) 543-7412

Postal Address:
Autotronics/FND Inc. 
PO Box 535 
Madawaska, ME  04756

Shipping/Physical Address: 
Autotronics/FND Inc. 
129 US Route 1 
Frenchville, ME  04745

Bangor, Maine

(ADA Sales/Service Center) 

Telephone:  (207) 947-9897
FAX:  (207) 947-6166

Postal/Shipping/Physical Address:

69 Perry Road
Bangor, ME 04401