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About Us

We specialize in meeting your personal mobility needs with custom solutions that give you independence and freedom in transportation. Our team of engineers, mechanics, and service technicians has many years of combined experience that provide a unique and special mix of skills and abilities.

Our Mission
Mobility Solutions provides state of the art industry leading adaptive driving technology and mobility transportation equipment for persons with disabilities. We are client focused. We listen to our client's personal self-knowledge and their description as to how their disability affects them individually. We support an "open dialogue" approach between the driver evaluator/trainer, the client, and the manufacturer/supplier. Mobility Solutions endorses the driving testing and training procedures of the Association of Driver Educators for the Disabled.

Mobility Solutions partners with the following organizations:

Our Design Philosophy
Our design philosophy integrates the End User/User Friendly Concept. We believe each vehicle should be as easy to use for the person with a disability as an able-bodied person. We are compliant with the codes and standards of the above organizations.

Our Staff
Our staff of engineers, installers and evaluators has as much experience as any company in the industry. Mr. Bruce Ahnafield leads our team with 39 years of innovation; he has multiple equipment patents specifically designed for the vehicles of disabled people. His innovations began when he discovered that most of the equipment in 1971 consisted of hand controls for World War II veterans. The need for creating additional equipment has become a life long mission for him.

Through his guidance, our installation/service staff, with over 20 years of experience, continues the passion Mr. Ahnafield established at the beginning of his career.

Engineering Excellence
Engineering excellence is the primary focus to solve the specific needs of each customer that we serve. We understand that our work gives our customers the ability to function at a higher level than in the recent past.

Drive with Confidence
Our primary objective is your driving security and confidence. Our ultimate concern is your satisfaction integrated with the mobility needs of the twenty first century consumer