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Mobility Motoring is your one-stop resource for sales, service, and rentals of wheelchair and handicap accessible vans and adaptive equipment products in Omaha, NE.

Whether you are a driver or a passenger, we can help you select the proper vehicle and/or equipment necessary to maximize your independence and mobility. We are located in Omaha, Nebraska and offer a great selection of adapted personal vehicles from top converters like Amerivan, Auto Ability, Liberty, and Freedom Motors. For businesses, school districts, government entities and other commercial applications, we offer ADA Compliant Vans and Shuttle Buses from Eldorado National and Mobility Works
Amerivan Side Entry Van

Amerivan Side Entry Van

We have been in the mobility business for over 26 years and over that time we have learned a few things. The most important is that no 2 situations are ever the same, so we have adapted the way we do business to make sure that every person we come in contact with has all of their needs addressed. Upon first contact, we will be asking to meet with you for a FREE evaluation. This initial assessment helps us to determine your wants and needs, as well as take crucial measurements and discuss all financial assistance options. Our business is evolving on a daily basis and we want to make sure that you are made aware of the latest products and innovations as well as every source of assistance available before you make any purchase.

We encourage you to Contact Us online or reach us by telephone at (402) 884-3333 or Toll-Free at (888) 488-VANS to set up your FREE No-Obligation Evaluation. In the meantime, feel free to browse our Inventory. Be sure to check out our newest items and exciting deals on our Specials page.

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